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Top 5 Boat Tours In Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Explore Lake Geneva on a boat tour from Geneva or Lausanne. Discover its history, culture and beauty.

Lake Geneva is located in Switzerland and has been inhabited for thousands of years. It was first used by the Romans as a source of water and later became an important trading route between Europe and Asia. Today, it remains a popular tourist destination.

#The City Tour

There are several different boat tours available in Lake Geneva. You can choose from a half day trip, full day trip, or even a night cruise. Each option offers something unique. A half day trip will take you through the city center and allow you to see some of the sights. A full day trip will give you more time to explore the area. Night cruises offer a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful views of the lake.

#The Waterfront Cruise

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do while visiting Lake Geneva, consider taking one of these boat tours. They provide an opportunity to enjoy the scenery and learn about the region.

#The Leman Sailing Cruise

This cruise takes place every day at 11am and lasts approximately two hours. It starts from the port of Geneva and sails along the shores of Lake Geneva. You will see the famous Jet d’Eau fountain, the Palais de Rumine, the Château de Chillon, the Mont Blanc mountain range, and more.

#The Swiss Riviera Cruise

The Swiss Riviera cruise offers an unforgettable journey through the beautiful scenery of Lake Geneva. Enjoy the views of the Alps, the Jura Mountains, and the French border. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Montreux, Vevey, and Mont Cenis.

#The Alpine Cruise

The Alpine Cruise takes you along the shores of Lake Geneva, where you will discover the spectacular landscapes of the Alps, the majestic Jura Mountains, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the French border. You will also visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Montreux, Vey, and Mont Cenise.

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