5 Places in Dubai to Celebrate the New Year with Friends

5 Places in Dubai to Celebrate the New Year with Friends

The New Year is a great time to be in Dubai and enjoy the varied rides and attractions around the place. Individuals can participate in the varied events and functions conducted around the place and also enjoy the numerous amazing waterparks here.

The cuisines available in Dubai during the New Year are of lip-smacking quality and a must-try for visitors here. Let us check out the five distinct places to celebrate the New Year here in Dubai, along with the friends portrayed below.

Dhow Cruise Marina

The Dhow Cruise Marina is a great option for individuals trying to check out the vivid Dubai ambience and spend quality time with each other on a boat ride through the Dubai Marina region. Individuals can enjoy their time with friends on Dhow Cruise New Year, with an assortment of sumptuous dishes to gorge on.

Individuals can enjoy the beautiful Arabian sea breeze along with the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf here. The Dubai skyline looks extraordinary from the distance here, along with the colossal landmarks in the vicinity. Various entertainment options are also available on the cruises, including live music performances and Tanoura and Belly Dancing shows for visitors.

33-foot yacht rental

Individuals can enjoy their New Year time by opting for the 33-foot yacht rental services here in the Dubai Marina area. Individuals can check out the varied dishes and glamorous locations while cruising through the yachts here in Dubai Marina.

Guests can enjoy a group of eight on these yacht cruises and spend quality time with friends and delicious cuisine onboard. Proper restrooms and relaxation areas are provided for the visitors here opt for the ride in the Marina region. Individuals would need to avail of a cancellation before 24 hours from the start of the ride to get a full refund here.

Overnight Desert Safari

Individuals can also opt for the overnight desert safari while spending their New Year here in Dubai. Overnight desert safaris during the New Year provide options like enjoying the best dishes in private camps, camel rides, dune buggy rides, quad biking in the desert, and sandboarding, among others.

Individuals can also enjoy the exquisite fireworks show from during the New Year Desert party in Dubai here and relish the live performances of Belly dancers, Tanoura dancers, and fire dance shows. The afternoon desert safari is also a great trip to enjoy, spending time amidst the Dubai desert and enjoying the activities during that time.

Burj Al Arab

Another important place to enjoy the New Year is the Burj Al Arab. Individuals can enjoy their stay at the lavish accommodation of Burj Al Arab and enjoy the vivid delicacies there. The 5-star plush hotel can provide a distinct view of the amazing Persian coastline along with the exotic Dubai horizon.

The fireworks show here can be enjoyed from the rooms or lounges present around the Burj Al Arab location. Bringing in friends and spending New Year’s time, along with viewing the fireworks around the Burj Al Arab location, can be a great activity to engage in here.

Global Village

Another important place to enjoy the New Year here in Dubai is the Global Village. Global Village has numerous events and carnivals conducted here during the New Year in Dubai. Visitors can enjoy the luxury dishes and apt services from the stall vendors here.

A New Year fireworks show is also conducted around the place, which helps visitors get a profound view of the major activities here. Live performances from various artists around the world, along with commercial stores and shops, are available around the Global Village premises here in Dubai.

This place can certainly be deemed one of the most active places for individuals to spend their New Year here.

Final Words…

In summary, these are the few important places to enjoy the New Year in Dubai with friends. Individuals can check out the varied locations mentioned above to engage in amazing activities around the places and enjoy the outstanding fireworks show there. Varied sumptuous multi-national cuisines are available around the food stalls here in Dubai during the New Year.

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