6 Places to Visit in Dubai During Weekend Off

6 Places to Visit in Dubai During Weekend Off

Are you looking for places to visit in Dubai during your weekend off? Great, you are in for a massive treat as we have prepared a list of 6 places that will give you the memorable holiday you always dreamed of knowing more about. Let’s share all the details with you.

Qasar Al Watan

This place is a must-visit as it is a presidential palace, and this place serves as a museum too. If you want a glimpse into the history of the UAE, then this is the place for you. Once you get the Qasar al-Watan tickets you will notice that it is not just another palace but your entrance into a world of rich culture and traditions.

This venue also has a neat gift shop where you can find souvenirs of all kinds. You can take pictures in this place with professional cameras and mobile phones, but you are not allowed to use them for any commercial purposes. The latest time to enter this place is 5.30 p.m.

Love Lake Dubai

Do you wish to visit a quiet place that is also beautiful? Then head straight to Dubai Love Lake. This lake is shaped in the form of two hearts intersecting each other.  This is the ideal location for you and your family to have a picnic. This lake has a track made of rubber where you can take a stroll and enjoy the beauty.

If you are a photography enthusiast then you should bring your camera and tripod and go for those wonderful long-exposure clicks. If you love birdwatching, you are in for a delightful time as you can spot more than 150 species of rare birds in this place. Do not miss out on the beautiful sunset at this lake, it’s a visual treat.

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Ras Al Khaimah

This is a perfect destination for a weekend getaway, this place has so much to offer in terms of tourism.  The place has historical places that you can visit and locations that are blessed with scenic beauty.

If you are fond of trekking then do visit the Hajar mountains, this place has many trails that are absolutely stunning and you are going to love taking a walk there. Also, you must visit the Ras Al Khaimah Museum if you are interested in knowing about the rich history of the UAE.

Dinner Desert Safari

Why not do something thrilling on the weekends? Go for a dinner desert safari Dubai, this a heavenly experience as you get to indulge in a bunch of exciting activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, and many more. 

You also get the chance to view a romantic sunset in the desert and it is truly the best sight in the whole wide world. After all your activities, the day comes to an end with a delicious BBQ dinner which is cooked by the best chefs in Dubai.

Miracle Garden

If you love admiring art and nature then this is the place that will bring you immense joy. The park has more than 150 million plants and flowers and covers a staggering area of 72,000 square meters. The park has many neat spots where you and your family can sit and chill out or take pictures in.

Burj Khalifa

A weekend outing in Dubai is never complete without a visit to Burj Khalifa, this a place you can visit even with your kids. The 148th level of this building has an observation deck that will give you a stunning view of the whole city.

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You can visit this place either during the day to watch the sunrise or during the evening to watch the sunset. The building also has many restaurants where you can treat yourself to some great food and beverages.

So, these are the 6 best places that you can visit during the weekend. You can book tickets for these places online, but before you book them you must read the cancellation policy well.

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