Discover the Must-Watch Travel Blogs of 2023: Top 50 Picks

Discover the Must-Watch Travel Blogs of 2023: Top 50 Picks

Explore the must-watch travel blogs of 2023. Get inspired by the top 50 travel blogs that deserve your attention. Stay up-to-date with the latest in travel, tips, and experiences.

1. Nomadic Matt (www.nomadicmatt.com)

A comprehensive resource for budget travel tips and guides.

2. The Blonde Abroad (www.theblondeabroad.com)

A popular blog featuring travel inspiration, tips, and advice for solo female travelers.

3. Expert Vagabond (expertvagabond.com)

Follow the adventures of Matthew Karsten as he shares his travel stories and photography.

4. Goats On The Road (www.goatsontheroad.com)

A couple’s travel blog offering practical tips on long-term travel and making money on the road.

5. Be My Travel Muse (www.bemytravelmuse.com)

Kristin Addis provides in-depth guides and inspiring stories for solo female travelers.

6. Mapping Megan (www.mappingmegan.com)

An adventure travel blog featuring incredible photography and tales from around the world.

7. The Planet D (theplanetd.com)

Dave and Deb inspire readers with their epic adventures, travel tips, and stunning photography.

8. A Dangerous Business (www.dangerous-business.com)

A mix of travel narratives, destination guides, and practical tips from a solo female traveler.

9. Adventurous Kate (www.adventurouskate.com)

Kate McCulley shares her experiences and empowers women to explore the world fearlessly.

10. Migrationology (migrationology.com)

Mark Wiens takes you on a culinary journey, exploring street food and local cuisines worldwide.

11. y Travel Blog (www.ytravelblog.com)

Caz and Craig provide family travel advice, tips, and inspiration for creating unforgettable memories.

12. The Points Guy (thepointsguy.com)

A go-to resource for maximizing travel rewards, credit card points, and airline miles.

13. Wandering Earl (www.wanderingearl.com)

Join Earl as he shares his long-term travel adventures and cultural experiences.

14. Legal Nomads (www.legalnomads.com)

Jodi Ettenberg combines food, travel, and storytelling to create a unique travel blog.

15. One Mile at a Time (onemileatatime.com)

Detailed reviews and insights on airline loyalty programs, luxury travel, and credit cards.

16. The Travel Hack (thetravelhack.com)

Travel and lifestyle blog with practical tips, product reviews, and destination guides.

17. Ordinary Traveler (ordinarytraveler.com)

Adventure travel blog featuring stunning photography and inspiring stories from around the world.

18. Global Grasshopper (www.globalgrasshopper.com)

Unique and offbeat travel recommendations and destination guides.

19. TravelFREAK (travelfreak.com)

A travel blog with an emphasis on adventure, outdoor activities, and unique experiences.

20. The Savvy Backpacker (thesavvybackpacker.com)

Practical advice, tips, and guides for budget backpacking in Europe and beyond.

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21. The Travel Manuel (thetravelmanuel.com)

A couple’s blog sharing their luxury travel experiences and tips for adventurous travelers.

22. Indietravel (indietravelpodcast.com)

Craig and Linda share their indie travel adventures and tips for long-term travel on a budget.

23. The Poor Traveler (www.thepoortraveler.net)

Budget travel blog offering destination guides, itineraries, and money-saving tips.

24. Hecktic Travels (www.hecktictravels.com)

Stories of Pete and Dalene’s travels around the world, with a focus on immersive experiences.

25. The Expeditioner (www.theexpeditioner.com)

Travel articles, guides, and videos covering various destinations and travel themes.

26. The Travel Sisters (thetravelsisters.com)

Travel tips, guides, and destination inspiration for female travelers.

27. The Traveling Child (thetravelingchild.co)

Tips, reviews, and stories focused on family travel and exploring the world with kids.

28. Our Awesome Planet (www.ourawesomeplanet.com)

A blog featuring food, travel, and lifestyle content with a focus on the Philippines.

29. Just One Way Ticket (www.justonewayticket.com)

A travel blog filled with stunning photography and unique travel experiences.

30. Go Backpacking (gobackpacking.com)

Dave shares his backpacking adventures, travel tips, and advice for long-term travel.

31. Traveling Mom (www.travelingmom.com)

A resourceful blog providing travel tips and advice for families on the go.

32. Travel Dudes (www.traveldudes.org)

A community-driven blog featuring travel tips, itineraries, and destination guides.

33. eTramping (etramping.com)

Cez and Agness share their backpacking experiences, tips, and budget travel advice.

34. That Backpacker (thatbackpacker.com)

A blog by Audrey Bergner, sharing travel stories, photography, and tips for backpackers.

35. The Broke Backpacker (www.thebrokebackpacker.com)

Will Hatton’s blog focuses on budget travel, adventure, and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

36. The Shooting Star (the-shooting-star.com)

Shivya Nath’s blog chronicles her sustainable and offbeat travel adventures around the world.

37. The Travelling Squid (thetravellingsquid.com)

A blog offering travel itineraries, tips, and recommendations for curious travelers.

38. Alex in Wanderland (www.alexinwanderland.com)

Alex Baackes’ blog features travel stories, photography, and practical advice for travelers.

39. Vagabondish (www.vagabondish.com)

A travel blog catering to independent and adventurous travelers with unique travel guides.

40. Travel Freak (travelfreak.net)

Travel guides, advice, and offbeat experiences from the perspective of a self-proclaimed travel freak.

41. Hippie in Heels (hippie-inheels.com)

Rachel Jones shares her luxury travel experiences and tips for female travelers.

42. Sidetracked (www.sidetracked.com)

An outdoor adventure travel magazine featuring stories and photography from remote destinations.

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43. The Great Family Escape (www.thegreatfamilyescape.com)

A blog by a traveling family, sharing stories, tips, and destinations for family travel.

44. InACents (inacents.com)

A blog providing tips and tricks for maximizing travel rewards and saving money on vacations.

45. Man On The Lam (manonthelam.com)

Raymond Walsh’s blog covers offbeat travel, culture, and adventure experiences.

46. Wild Junket (www.wildjunket.com)

A blog that inspires adventurous travel and responsible tourism to off-the-beaten-path destinations.

47. The Travel Tart (www.thetraveltart.com)

A humorous travel blog covering quirky aspects of travel, culture, and destinations.

48. Velvet Escape (velvetescape.com)

Keith Jenkins shares his luxury travel experiences and tips for immersive travel.

49. A Little Adrift (alittleadrift.com)

Shannon O’Donnell’s blog focuses on responsible travel, volunteering, and cultural experiences.

50. Mytanfeet (mytanfeet.com)

Sammi and Yeison provide travel guides and tips for exploring Costa Rica and beyond.

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