Your Guide to Hotels Near Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Your Guide to Hotels Near Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Greetings, fellow travelers! If you’re planning a visit to the iconic Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, you’re in for an emotionally charged and educational experience. To make your journey even more memorable, you’ll need a comfortable and convenient place to stay.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through a curated selection of hotels near Anne Frank House. We’ll explore their features, location advantages, and even some insider tips. Plus, I’ll introduce you to the benefits of using TripAdvisor to book your ideal accommodation. Let’s dive right in!


Exploring Anne Frank House: A Brief Overview

Before we delve into hotel options, let’s touch upon the significance of Anne Frank House. This historic site is where Anne Frank, a Jewish girl in hiding during World War II, wrote her famous diary. Visiting the house provides a powerful glimpse into her life and the atrocities of the Holocaust.


Anne Frank House is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, at Prinsengracht 263-267. Its central location makes it a prime attraction for visitors exploring the city’s rich history.

Opening Hours:

The Anne Frank House is generally open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (or later during peak seasons). Due to its immense popularity, booking your tickets in advance is highly recommended.

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Choosing the Right Hotel Near Anne Frank House

Now, let’s explore some excellent hotel options within walking distance of Anne Frank House. These accommodations offer convenience, comfort, and easy access to this significant historical site.

1. Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam

  • Location: Prinsengracht 315-331, 1016 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Highlights: This five-star hotel is a collection of 25 historic canal houses, offering a unique and luxurious experience. It’s a mere 10-minute walk from Anne Frank House. The hotel also provides picturesque canal views, exceptional dining, and a cozy bar.

2. WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam

  • Location: Spaarndammerdijk 302, 1013 ZX Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Highlights: Situated slightly further west, this contemporary four-star hotel is a 15-minute walk from Anne Frank House. It boasts stylish rooms, an impressive art collection, and magnificent views of the city.

3. The Hoxton, Amsterdam

  • Location: Herengracht 255, 1016 BJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Highlights: Located along the prestigious Herengracht canal, this trendy boutique hotel is a short 12-minute stroll from Anne Frank House. Guests love its chic design, vibrant atmosphere, and the famous Lotti’s restaurant on-site.
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4. Jordaan Noordermarkt Apartments

  • Location: Westerstraat, Jordaan, 1015 MP Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Highlights: If you prefer the comforts of home, consider these well-appointed apartments in the charming Jordaan district. It’s just a 5-minute walk to Anne Frank House and offers a genuine local experience.

5. StayOkay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen

  • Location: Kloveniersburgwal 97, 1011 KB Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Highlights: For budget-conscious travelers, this hostel provides a clean and comfortable stay in a historic building. It’s located a mere 7-minute walk from Anne Frank House, making it an excellent choice for backpackers.
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Insider Tips for Your Stay Near Anne Frank House

Now that you have a few hotel options to consider, here are some insider tips to enhance your visit to Anne Frank House and your stay in Amsterdam:

1. Book Anne Frank House Tickets in Advance

  • Due to its popularity, Anne Frank House often has long queues. Purchase your tickets online in advance to skip the line and guarantee entry.

2. Explore the Jordaan Neighborhood

  • If you’re staying near Anne Frank House, take the time to explore the charming Jordaan neighborhood. Its picturesque canals, quaint streets, and artistic vibe make it a hidden gem.

3. Try Dutch Cuisine

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to savor Dutch cuisine. Head to local eateries and sample dishes like bitterballen (deep-fried balls filled with ragout) and stroopwafels (thin waffle cookies).

4. Open Boat Canal Cruise

  • Enhance your Amsterdam experience with an open boat canal cruise. This is a fantastic way to see the city from a unique perspective. You can book these tours through GetYourGuide, a trusted platform for travel experiences.

Booking Your Hotel Near Anne Frank House Through TripAdvisor

Now that you’ve found the perfect hotel for your Amsterdam adventure, let’s talk about the benefits of using TripAdvisor for booking:

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Why TripAdvisor?

  1. Extensive Reviews: TripAdvisor provides millions of reviews and opinions from fellow travelers, ensuring you make informed decisions about your accommodation.
  2. Best Price Guarantee: You can often find exclusive deals and discounts on TripAdvisor, ensuring you get the best value for your stay.
  3. Easy Comparison: The platform allows you to compare prices, amenities, and guest ratings across various hotels, making it easier to find your ideal match.
  4. Secure Booking: TripAdvisor offers secure booking options, so you can have peace of mind while finalizing your travel plans.

Wrapping Up and Booking Your Stay

Exploring Anne Frank House is a profound experience that will leave a lasting impact. To make the most of your visit, choose a hotel that suits your preferences and budget. Whether you opt for luxury or simplicity, the hotels near Anne Frank House provide excellent access to this historic site and other Amsterdam attractions.

Now, don’t delay your travel plans. Head to TripAdvisor, book your ideal hotel, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Amsterdam’s history and culture.

Book your Amsterdam hotel through TripAdvisor now and embark on a meaningful exploration of Anne Frank House and the captivating city of Amsterdam!

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