Your Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car in Ireland with QEEQ.COM

Your Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car in Ireland with QEEQ.COM


Hello, fellow travelers! If you’re planning a trip to the stunning emerald landscapes of Ireland and wondering how to get around this beautiful country, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about renting a car in Ireland through QEEQ.COM.



Before we dive into the details, let’s get to know our trusted car rental partner, QEEQ.COM. Established in 2017, QEEQ.COM has rapidly grown to become one of the leading online car rental platforms worldwide.

They boast a vast inventory of over 7 million rental cars available in approximately 200 countries. Their exceptional service has earned them several accolades, including a nomination for the World Travel Awards in 2019, Magellan Gold Awards, and a Travolution Award in 2018.

Why Choose QEEQ.COM for Your Ireland Adventure?

1. Extensive Rental Car Selection

One of the primary reasons to opt for QEEQ.COM when renting a car in Ireland is their extensive selection. Whether you prefer a compact car for zipping through city streets or an SUV for exploring the countryside, you’ll find the perfect vehicle to suit your needs.

2. Global Reach, Local Expertise

QEEQ.COM has established partnerships with car rental companies worldwide, ranging from well-known international brands to local specialists. This means you’ll have access to a wide network of rental providers, ensuring convenience and reliability no matter where your Irish adventure takes you.

3. Competitive Pricing

Budget-conscious travelers will appreciate QEEQ.COM’s commitment to offering competitive prices. Thanks to dedicated market managers in their supply chain, they maintain strong relationships with rental partners globally, enabling them to provide some of the best deals on the internet. Plus, their best-price guarantee ensures you’re getting excellent value for your money.

4. User-Friendly Booking Process

Booking your rental car through QEEQ.COM is a breeze. Their user-friendly platform allows you to compare prices, vehicle options, and rental conditions, so you can make an informed choice that suits your budget and preferences.

5. Comprehensive Customer Support

Should you encounter any issues during your rental period, QEEQ.COM’s dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away, no matter the time or place.

Tips for Renting a Car in Ireland

Now that you know why QEEQ.COM is an excellent choice for your Irish road trip, let’s explore some essential tips for renting and driving a car in this captivating country.

1. Driving Orientation

In Ireland, cars drive on the left side of the road. If you’re not accustomed to this, take some time to adjust before hitting the road. Also, remember that the driver’s seat is on the right side of the car.

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2. Driver’s License and Age Requirements

To rent a car in Ireland, you typically need a valid driver’s license from your home country. Most rental companies require drivers to be at least 21 years old, although some may have a minimum age of 23 or 25, depending on the car category. Be sure to check the specific requirements when booking.

3. Insurance

Insurance is a critical aspect of car rental. QEEQ.COM offers various insurance options, including Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP). It’s highly recommended to purchase these coverages to protect yourself in case of accidents or theft.

4. Road Conditions

Ireland’s roads vary from modern highways to narrow, winding country lanes. Be prepared for different road conditions, especially when exploring rural areas. Drive cautiously and respect speed limits.

5. Fuel

Gasoline (petrol) and diesel are readily available in Ireland. Make sure you know your car’s fuel type, and check whether your rental car requires unleaded or diesel fuel.

6. Parking

In cities like Dublin, parking can be a challenge. Familiarize yourself with parking regulations, and consider staying in accommodations that offer parking facilities.

7. GPS or Navigation Apps

A reliable GPS system or navigation app can be a lifesaver when navigating the Irish countryside. Consider renting a GPS with your car or using a navigation app on your smartphone.

Explore the Emerald Isle at Your Own Pace

Now that you’ve chosen QEEQ.COM as your trusted car rental partner for your Irish adventure, it’s time to delve deeper into the exciting possibilities that await you as you explore the Emerald Isle at your own pace.

Embrace the Freedom

Renting a car in Ireland offers a level of freedom and flexibility that’s hard to beat. You won’t be bound by strict schedules or the limitations of public transportation. Instead, you’ll have the freedom to set your own itinerary, stop wherever your heart desires, and soak in the breathtaking landscapes that Ireland has to offer.


5 Best Scenic Drives In Ireland

Ireland is renowned for its scenic drives, and you’ll quickly understand why as you embark on your journey. Here are some must-visit routes to consider:

1. Wild Atlantic Way

Stretching along the western coast of Ireland, the Wild Atlantic Way is one of the longest coastal drives in the world. It’s a mesmerizing route that takes you through rugged cliffs, charming villages, and pristine beaches. Don’t miss the dramatic Cliffs of Moher and the picturesque Ring of Kerry.

2. Causeway Coastal Route

Explore Northern Ireland’s stunning coastline along the Causeway Coastal Route. Highlights include the otherworldly Giant’s Causeway, Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, and Dunluce Castle. This route is a photographer’s dream.

3. Ring of Beara

While the Ring of Kerry gets much of the attention, the Ring of Beara offers a quieter, equally beautiful alternative. Discover colorful villages, hidden coves, and stunning mountain scenery as you make your way around the Beara Peninsula.

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4. The Burren Drive

For a unique driving experience, venture into The Burren, a surreal limestone landscape in County Clare. This otherworldly terrain is dotted with ancient monuments and wildflowers, making it a fascinating drive for nature enthusiasts.

5. Boyne Valley Drive

Delve into Ireland’s rich history along the Boyne Valley Drive. Visit the ancient burial mounds at Newgrange and the historic Trim Castle, setting for the film “Braveheart.”

Hidden Gems of Ireland

One of the joys of exploring Ireland by car is stumbling upon hidden gems that may not be in your guidebook. Here are a few off-the-beaten-path destinations to consider:

1. Slieve League Cliffs

While the Cliffs of Moher get plenty of attention, Slieve League Cliffs in County Donegal are equally impressive and often less crowded. The views from these cliffs are nothing short of spectacular.

2. Achill Island

Connected to the mainland by bridge, Achill Island is a serene retreat known for its rugged beauty, sandy beaches, and outdoor activities like hiking and water sports.

3. Glengesh Pass

This winding mountain pass in County Donegal offers some of the most dramatic scenery in Ireland. Take your time navigating the hairpin turns and soak in the panoramic views.

4. Mizen Head

Located on Ireland’s southernmost point, Mizen Head is home to a thrilling suspension bridge that offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a unique spot for a coastal adventure.


Final Words…

Renting a car in Ireland with QEEQ.COM is a fantastic choice for travelers seeking convenience, affordability, and reliability. With their vast selection of vehicles, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service, you can focus on enjoying the journey through the enchanting landscapes of the Emerald Isle.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your Irish road trip dreams come true. Book your rental car through QEEQ.COM and set off on a memorable adventure that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Start your Irish adventure with QEEQ.COM now and hit the road with confidence!

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